We manage assets and investments for clients with assets worth over CZK 100 million

We provide comprehensive services ranging from asset allocation, finding investment opportunities, asset management, legal and tax support to accounting services.

Together with our clients we went through the most difficult parts of business life. As part of our law firm @smpl_legal and tax firm @smpl_tax, we have helped clients negotiate, obtain and tax big money in the most advantageous way. Now comes the second part, how not to squander the assets. Investing and taking appropriate risks.

Michal Hanych

About us

Tax advisors, lawyers, business and strategic advisors, accountants, investors and negotiators. Do you want to know more about us? See our web smpl.

Michal Hanych

Partner, strategic consulting, crypto

Investments crypto private equity corporate structures

Michal specializes in strategic investment advisory services for clients with assets over CZK 100 million. He knows from his own experience what it means to take care of assets in excess of this value. Michal has deep knowledge in corporate structuring, transactions, international taxation, cryptocurrencies and strategic investing. He is an active trader who knows from first-hand experience not only what it is to make money by trading, but also what a liquidation of an account looks like. This is why massive gains must be followed by rebalancing and protecting assets from losses.


Kirill Juran

Partner, transactions and negotiation

VC crypto strategic law investments transactions negotiations corporate structures

Kirill has worked on investment and exit transactions with value amounting to billions in CZK. He has experience in finding both venture capital investment opportunities for investors and investors for startups. He knows how to negotiate a deal from the very beginning to successful closing. Kirill can distinguish the essential from the marginal in a negotiation and help clients structure deals with maximum business rationality.


Aleš Koubek

Parner, real estate

Contracts Negotiations real estate litigation asset management investments

Ales has a really deep know how in real estate. Thanks to his wide network of contacts, he often has priority access to interesting real estate offers. He can not only arrange the purchase, but also assess the quality of the investment, the complexity of the project, the risks associated with the project and the market situation. In addition, Aleš can also take care of development work and property management.



What we do

We take care of our clients' assets with value exceeding CZK 100 million. We help preserve, multiply and transfer assets



Corporate structuring

A large part of our clients are entrepreneurs. We have a great deal of experience in setting up a business and creating a corporate structure.

We even wrote a book about it. Our structures are designed to protect assets, separate personal and corporate assets, and optimize taxes.


Real estate

We have handled real estate transactions worth high hundreds of millions CZK. From investment plots, through apartment and commercial buildings to development projects.

A wide network of real estate agencies ensures that we and our clients have priority access to interesting deals. We invest both through direct purchase and through vetted investment funds.



We have some really brutal crypto know-how. Historically, we were the first law firm that focused on the taxation of cryptocurrencies, and we are still No. 1 in the Czech market..

A large portion of Czech crypto projects passed through our smpl firms. We have taxed crypto worth billions of CZK. We understand not only law and taxes, but we can also distinguish between meaningful projects and scams.

We are active traders ourselves. We analyze the crypto market both for our own needs and for our clients. Due to our close contact with the most up-to-date happenings on the market, we have access to completely unique information.


Shares, alternative investments

There is a plethora of very poor quality funds in the shares investment market run by incompetent people.

We analyse the share market in detail, seek out well-managed funds and negotiate the most advantageous investment conditions for our clients.

We regularly examine the activity of funds and their performance. We are able to provide our clients with investments in the most reliable and highest quality investment funds.


VC investments

We negotiated and legally secured VC investments worth more than CZK 300 million. We have experience in negotiating on both the investor and startup side.


Development projects

As part of our own activities, we have realized development projects worth more than CZK 100 million. We are not only able to buy and lease finished real estate, but we also undertake projects with our clients that require a higher level of expertise and work.


Developing investment strategies

We have worked with many of our clients through all phases of their personal and professional lives. From enthusiastic beginnings, through the hard building up to sale and exit. Each client's journey is different and the individual investment strategy corresponds to this.


Law, taxes, accounting

We have our own law, tax and accounting firm. Within our own structures, we are able to take care of clients in the full range of possible tasks and solve most problems.

The goal of our service is to allow the client to forget that it is there.


Succession planning and handover

It is harder to retain than to acquire. This is even more true across generations. We help clients set up a succession model to maximize the likelihood of preserving family assets across generations.



Some of our clients are keen to give back to society. However, the main problem with charity is its effectiveness.

If a client desires to allocate a portion of their assets to charitable causes, we can find and arrange donations to the most effective organizations and ad hoc projects.

I see one major problem for clients with assets over CZK 100 million. They have nowhere to go. Once they get rich, they become a product. Like vultures, investment advisors with commission systems or investment funds pushing their own products latch on to them. What is missing in the Czech Republic is an impartial player with no conflict of interest, motivated only by the interests of the client.

Kirill Juran

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